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Nefesh Echad, The Covid Sessions


Data, Parity, Stop references early, pre-internet technology.  What can you assert about people born in the late 70's who were on networks 10 or 15 years before their peers?

UUDECODE is part of the unix tool uuencode / uudecode, for sharing binaries like images on text-based media like USENET.

Tomo Fujita's advice on learning: Tomo Fujita is a Berklee School of Music professor in Boston, MA, as well as a performing musician.

Calling is a quote paraphrased from Mother Teresa, with personal text in the background.  The text reads:

You could modernize that and remove the God /faith language and talk about being professionally called to curiosity, integrity, seriousness, and continual education.   Not necessarily likes, popularity, and fame. Alternatively, you could be called to the sometimes difficult task of just being a sane, rational human being who participates in the world without unconsciously doing harm.  That's much more about mindfulness under the threat of hallucination, paranoia, self-harm, than about what we traditionally think of as accomplishment.  In support of that we are often aware when an interaction with a colleague, a family member, or even a barista feels in-flow, feels energizing, or compassionate.  How often do we flip that around though and pay attention to how our own small interactions affect other people?

Do you want to be helped, heard, or hugged?

I notice in myself a tendancy to want to solve other peoples problems.  This is not always what is called for.

3D / Computer Game-Style Art